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Hello Doug and Wayne,

From september 17 thru octobre 4 we rented one of your Bushcampers, and it was great! The car was super, we had the Maroon Mazda, although it could use a little extra HP’s when your going into a headwind and it is a real gasguzzler. But it never let us down, we didn’t have one flat tire and everything went smooth.

Please give our regards and thanks to John in Darwin, for he was very service minded, brought us back to the hotel and all. I hope he was able to repair the diesel tank in time for the new people to take it back down south. That long range fuel tank is super, but it started leaking from the weld on the front end of the tank, but John told us that is a known, or rather common problem with those tanks and the way they are fitted. That company didn’t do a very good job. We were lucky it only started leaking after we did Bungle-Bungle, or better probably, BECAUSE we did BB Nat. Park.

But we really want to compliment you on the camperunit that we had on the truck. We have rented several RV’s in the recent years, but yours is the most practical, the most spacious and has the VERY BEST BEDSPACE!!. The pop-up system provides you with plenty,plenty fresh air in the night, and we could leave the back door open because every opening has fly screens. On many night we were thankfull that we did NOT have the Landcruiser, with its very small top windows, narrow bed and when its 30 C and plus, even in the night, your not happy if you cannot open the doors because of the mozzies.

In all, this was the best camper ever. Again, apart from the leaking tank, which was well compensated for by returning the truck without a full tank, your service was great and we enjoyed our holiday tremendously.

Thanks and until next time we visit Australia!!

Tim Buter and Irene deWolf (The Netherlands)

Dear Doug,

At last I have had a chance to write a few word of thanks to you for the wonderfull experience we had recently when hiring one fo your Bushcampers.

From the time we picked the vehicle up in Darwin we knew we were giong to have a fantastic adventure. The ability that the vehicle provided allowed us to get to places many just dream of. The brief period we spent in Kakadu was a great introduction to both the scenery of Northern Australia and the capability of your Vehicle. From Kakkadu we travelled to Katherine and then on down the Gibb River Road to Broome.

The Bushcamper dealt with all challenges put before it and proved to be a most comfortable home for the 34 days we had with it. I find it hard to explain the thrill that we experience with the ever changing landscape. There was someting new around every corner, from spectacular Ranges to magnificent sunsets as well as the many Gorges and water holes that we found along the way.

We certainly feel priviledged to have been able to have this experience, particularily in the comfort of the Bushcamper. We travelled nearly 4,500 kilometers and it did not miss a beat. In fact, when we left it in Broome, it was like saying goodbye to a member of the family! Many thanks again for the fabulous holiday we had and we can’t wait to further our outback experiences.

Iain Moffat

Australia is a fascinating country with beautiful landscapes and spectacular wildlife. We travelled for four months and had a wonderful time. The first 3 weeks of our journey we spent in the north west of Australia. Rana, from Camperworld, brought our 4WD Bushcamper to our hostel in Darwin and explained everything to us. The first amazing stop was the Kakadu National Park. Then we continued our journey through the Kimberleys to Broome. On the way back to Darwin we visited the Bungles Bungles, which was another highlight.

We were very happy with our Bushcamper. The vehicle was very reliable and equipped with everything you need. We recommend everybody to hire a vehicle from Camperworld. You will get a very good car, first class service and their prices are lower compared to other major rental companies we looked at.

In Perth, we met Doug, the owner of Camperworld, who had offered to help us buy a Campervan. We were very grateful for his assistance and finally found a very nice Nissan Urvan. For the next 10 weeks we travelled along the South and East Coast to Cairns. During the whole journey we kept in touch with Doug and knew that we could call him anytime we had a problem.

To meet people like Doug while being abroad is such a gift. We are looking forward to meeting him again on our next journey to Australia and will definitely hire a car from Camperworld again.

Arben & Nicole

Hi Doug,

We are back in the UK now after having the most wonderful holiday. When we landed in Perth jetlagged but excited about our holiday little did we know that NQ who we had booked our campervan through would not have the van we booked and told us to take it or have your money back and go elsewhere.

Well..thank goodness we found you and your good lady, and you were only too willing to help, with your van we fullfilled our whole itinery and more, the van was perfect (except a little heavy on fuel) (Chris wanted to bring it home). We would also like to extend our thanks to Kathy and all at Skippy Motor Homes for the kind way in which they looked after us when we handed your van in to them.

Les and Chris

Doug, Wayne and all staff,

My husband, Dennis and I have just arrived back from Perth and I would like you to know how much we appreciated your fantastic service – unparalled. Compliments to Wayne for his friendly face and knowledgeable brain about WA (not bad for a Taswegian) and the people who fitted out the van – great stuff – a garlic crusher and a wooden spoon – what more could a pasta/bolognaise girl want?

Also the doona we had was fantastic – feather (generally I am very allergic) – could you please tell me the brand name – I froze last night – in my own bed!! Meant to check it out before we left, so would really appreciate it if you could e-mail me with the manufacturer and what type of feathers they were – the Kapok one wasn’t so good (very allergic) –

Anyway, again thanks for everything. We are now saving our pennies for the big “Barra Bash” for my 60th.

Chris Anders-Tritt

Hi Doug and crew,

From September 1st to October 29th we rented the 4WD Bush Cruiser for our trip from Darwin to Perth. We had rented a 4WD bush camper from you back in 2001 and at first sight when Rana dropped the cruiser off at our hotel in Darwin , we thought this thing is much to big to get us to all the off-road places we wanted to go..

But how wrong we were..

It brought us everywhere we wanted to go and further! Up to the Jim Jim falls (several times), trough the Bungle Bungles, across the Gibb River road and even across 90 km’s of the worst track we ever saw in Gregory NP. All of this without any troubles what so ever. And while enjoying the enormous space the cruiser gives! We really learned to love it like our “home on wheels” during these 2 months.

It was truly a trip of a lifetime and we would like to thank you, Rana and the rest of the crew for the great service and a great camper which brought us the 10.000 km’s we made without any problem. And even when a dust cloud of a road train carried more then dust and left a nasty crack across the windscreen you guys supplied us with the right contacts and service to get this fixed while we shopped for supplies!

Gerard Otterspeer & Lois Bieling

Dear Doug,

Recently my wife and I hired a Toyota high top campervan from your business. This is just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed the experience and how helpful your staff were.

The vehicle performed faultlessly and was so well equipped that we couldn’t believe it. As a result of our experience we have now decided to purchase a small mobile home for ourselves to enable us to continue with the lifestyle.

Our trip to south west Western Australia was simply wonderful. Our only regret was that we didn’t have more time to explore further.

Glenn and Elizabeth Lemcke

Dear Doug,

It was a pleasure for us to have made our trip through the Kimberleys with one of your cars. Congratulations, your car is very good equipped and we don`t have missed really nothing. Also your contact, John Duran, in Darwin was a great help for us because he spents a lot of time to explain us really everything about the equipment. Thanks a lot because your assistence and your excellent equipped car was a pretty good basis for some unforgettable and pleasureable weeks in your country.

Gerhard Holzinger with family

Hi Doug,

Back home after a fantastic holiday in Oz. Just thought I would send you a short E-mail to thank “Camperworld” and John Doran in Darwin. The campervan took us everywhere we wanted to go without any problems. We would like to come back and do it again sometime.

Colin Ward


Please find attached some photos of my recent holiday in southern WA with one of your vehicles. The vehicle was ideal for my purposes and performed well. I hope I can repeat the experience next year.

Iain Harvey


I have been meaning to send you some pictures of our trip last August with your camper, but until now, have not been able to find a scanner to use. I’ve attached a number of photos, all of which have your camper in the picture, in case you want to use them on your website.

We had a wonderful trip, and I would recommend your camper to anyone!

It was the only one I saw that had excellent ventilation — many others are hot inside and there is little way to get a decent breeze. With the “windows” on the top that can be zipped open, it is great!

Dick Abrams (Milwaukee, USA)